Emotional well-being affects every aspect of our lives, including relationships, careers, finances, health, spirituality, and overall happiness. It is not just the absence of depression and anxiety, but also the ability to control emotions and behaviors, cope with life’s challenges, handle stress, build strong positive relationships, and bounce back from disappointments and setbacks.

This theoretical, practical guide teaches others how to identify self-limiting emotions and tap in


to the power within to consciously transform thinking and make positive changes in life.

“Master Your Emotions – Transform Your Life is simple, easy to understand and profound.” —Carl Camelia, Founder and Academic Director Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean

“Easy to read and understand, yet profound and transformative. This gem of a book is a must read for anyone interested in spiritual growth and emotional well being.” —Dr. Lana Boodhoo M.D., electrophysiologist

” Dr. Lee Sheng Tin unmasks the source of our emotional states and offers technologies to re-frame those sources. Learning how to master your emotions could be your ultimate transformational tool in life.”

——–Jim Bagnola Ph.D, author of “Becoming a Professional Human Being.”