Awaken to Your Divinity

To awaken to your Divinity is to discover the source of love, peace, power, and happiness that exist within. The stress and strains of life and impurities on our mind and body caused by negative thoughts and emotions, unhealthy diets and lifestyles, block the free flow of creative energy and intelligence of our Divinity from nourishing our life. To grow, to evolve, and to be happy, we need to understand the nature of our Divinity and to purify our mind, body, and emotions to allow the creative energy and intelligence from our Divinity to flow effortlessly into our physical self. What we see and experience as life is the expression of the creative intelligence of our inner Divine Being. It is the source of life from which all creativity and intelligence flow. Unfortunately, most people go through life unaware of the existence of their Divinity. Others intellectually understand the concept of their Divinity but are unconscious of its existence. This lack of awareness is the source of suffering and miseries in life.

David Lee Sheng Tin, HHC, Ph.D

My Story

For over twenty years I have helped thousands of individuals discover the beauty of their Divinity and have witnessed the transformation that this awakening has created in their life. As a health and spiritual life coach, I will help you take the necessary action to improve your health, deal with stress, negative thoughts, and emotions. I will help you become more mindful of your beliefs which will assist you in developing a new and greater understanding of life. I will guide and assist you to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you can live two hundred percent of life- one hundred percent outer and one hundred percent inner value.

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