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Corporate Courses

How to Be More Mindful In Life

This course  teaches participants:

  • How to be more focused and present, not just in theory but in practice – how to feel less stressed and pressured
  • Techniques to calm down the internal chatter in the mind.
  • The principles and the practice of mindfulness, in terms of becoming more aware of internal stress and how to actively change it.
  • Multiple exercises, both in terms of mental and physical relaxation, to help participants be more aware and less stressed

Mindfulness helps you to stay calm and to be more patient.  Other benefits include feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and friendlier to those around you. In addition, you will become more finely tuned with a sense of self and aware of your internal reactions, which lead to your being able to respond in a more positive and deliberate manner to stressful environments. As a result, efficiency, productivity, and teamwork improve. 

The Self-Awareness Leadership Employee Program- Empowering individuals to strengthen performance

The most important asset of any business is its people. Knowing how to create high-performance individuals who are innovative, creative, and resilient can have a very positive effect on a business.  To be successful in personal or corporate life requires emotional self-awareness.


The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to understand how their thinking, emotions, and behavior impact their personal and corporate life and to offer tools to reduce stress, burnout, and enhance performance, health, and overall well-being.

Target audience: Executives, managers, team leaders, employees

We also design courses and workshops on health, leadership, and stress management, tailored to your organization’s needs. 

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Individual and Group Courses

The Master Your Emotions- Transform Your Life Course

Our emotional well-being affects every aspect of our life, including our health, finances, relationships, careers, spirituality, and our overall happiness.  Our ability to control our emotions determines, for a large part, what we end up accomplishing in our lifetime.

Learning to manage our emotions effectively is thus one of the most important thing we can ever do.

Imagine if you could let go of negative emotions that have been poisoning your life for years. Instead of beating yourself up, you could become your biggest cheerleader.

You have the ability within yourself to change your emotional states so that you can feel better about yourself. And as you begin to do so, everything will start changing for you.

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The Self-Awareness Empowerment Workshop

Self-awareness is the ability to notice and understand one’s feelings, emotions, instincts, or reactions and their effects on your mind and body, and performance. It allows you to use your feelings as a valuable source of insights and information about yourself; how you feel and why. How it helps or hurts what you are trying to achieve, as well as recognizing how others see you.


The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to understand how their thinking, emotions, and behavior impact their personal, social life, and spiritual growth, and to offer tools to reduce stress and enhance performance, health, and spiritual well-being.

Target audience: Persons interested in self-realization and enlightenment.

In this workshop, you will discover
  • How to gain clarity about your thinking and better understand what matters to you
  • How stress, negative thinking, and emotions, affect your health and productivity.
  • How to identify the issues you need to work on in the field of personal development that can be retarding your spiritual growth.
  • How to dive deep into your feelings, thoughts, and motivations and learn why you are doing the things that you do. What is the reason behind all these things that you choose to say, do, act, and focus on.
  • How to become more confident and creative, make better decisions, build stronger relationships, communicate more effectively, and enhance your spiritual growth.




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